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Мы используем собственные куки, а также куки третьих лиц, чтобы улучшить ваш опыт и наши услуги, анализируя навигацию на нашем веб-сайте. Если вы продолжите навигацию, то мы будем считать, что вы принимаете их использование. Получить более подробную информацию или узнать, как изменить настройки, вы можете. К сожалению, не найдены близлежащие магазины, оказывающие услугу резервирования. Попробуйте изменить критерии поиска. Проверьте введенные данные оплаты или попробуйте использовать другой способ оплаты.

INTRODUCTION This document together with any documents herein mentioned sets forth the terms and conditions governing the use of this website and the purchase of products through such website hereinafter, the "Terms". Please read through these Terms, our Cookies Policy and our Privacy Policy together the "Data Protection Policies" prior to using this website. By using this website or placing an order through it, you are consenting to be bound by these Terms and our Data Protection Policies.

If you do not agree to all of the Terms and the Data Protection Policies, do not use this website. These Terms and the Data Protection Policies may be amended. It is your responsibility to regularly read through them, as the Terms and the Data Protection Policies in force at the time that you use the website or at the time of the formation of the Contract as defined below shall be the applicable ones.

You may contact our customer service department on our numbers landlines or Mobile lines. Metropolitan call rate, based on each telephone service operator. YOUR DETAILS AND YOUR VISITS TO THIS WEBSITE It is required to share your personal information in order to continue with the purchase of the desired product.

The information or personal details that you provide us with shall be processed pursuant to the Data Protection Policies.

By using this website you are consenting to the processing of such information and details and you represent that the whole information or details you have provided us with are true and accurate.

To use the website exclusively to make legitimate enquiries or orders. Not to make any speculative, false or fraudulent orders. If we are reasonably of the opinion that such an order has been made we shall be entitled to cancel the order and inform the relevant authorities.

If you do not give us all of the information that we need, we may not be able to complete your order. By placing an order through the website, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old and are legally capable of entering into binding contracts. SERVICE AVAILABILITY Items offered over this website are only available for delivery to Turkey.

HOW THE CONTRACT IS FORMED To place an order, you must follow the online purchasing procedure and click "Authorize Payment". After doing so, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order the "Order Confirmation". You will later in a second email also receive confirmation that the order is accepted and being sent the "Delivery Confirmation". In case such confirmation is not provided to you by us, the Contract is not formed. AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCTS All orders for products are subject to availability and in this regard, in the event of supply difficulties or because products are no longer in stock, we reserve the right to give you information about substitute products of an equal or higher quality and value which you can order.

Вы можете заказать товары, не выходя из дома по очень выгодной цене. By using this website you are consenting to the processing of such information and details and you represent that the whole information or details you have provided us with are true and accurate. Официальный сайт магазинов одежды ZARA: Если у вас есть аккаунт на Zara Home, пройдите идентификацию для просмотра товаров, которые вы сохранили с других устройств. Они не завышены, и дешевой продукцию компании тоже не назовешь. Другие страны Беларусь Казахстан Молдова Бразилия Турция. Поделиться списком желаний Поделитесь своим списком желаний с родственниками и друзьями, чтобы они знали, какие товары понравились Вам в нашем онлайн-магазине.

If you do not wish to order the substitute products we will reimburse any monies that you may have paid. Whilst we will use our reasonable endeavours to process all the orders submitted to us, there may be exceptional circumstances which mean that we may need to refuse to process or accept an order after we have received it or sent you an Order Confirmation, which we reserve the right to do at any time.

We will not be liable to you or any other third party by reason of our withdrawing any product from this website, removing or editing any materials or content on this website or for refusing to process or accept an order after we have received it or sent you an Order Confirmation. DELIVERY Subject to availability see Clause 7 aboveand unless there are any exceptional circumstances, we will endeavour to fulfil your order for product s listed in the Shipping Confirmation by the delivery date set out in the Shipping Confirmation or, if no estimated delivery date is specified, then within a maximum of 30 days of the date of the Order Confirmation.

If our supply of the products is delayed by an event outside our control then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may contact us to end the Contract and receive a refund for any products you have paid for but not received.

Please note however that we do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays. By accepting this delivery service you are accepting our delivery personnel or a representative of the ZARA HOME into your home and so as to avoid or minimise the risk of damage to your home or any of your possessions, we ask that you remove your possessions or anything that may be damaged and allow our delivery personnel as clear access to your home as possible.

Unless caused by our negligence, we will not be held responsible for anything that is not removed to safety where reasonable steps could have been taken to avoid or minimise the risk. Please ensure that products ordered can fit into your home, the areas for which it is intended or location for delivery. If the product s do not so fit, you can still accept delivery or you can return the products. For the purpose of these Terms "delivery" or "delivered" shall be deemed to have occurred upon you or a third party nominated by you acquiring physical possession of the products, which will be evidenced by the signing for receipt of the products at the agreed delivery address.

UNABLE TO DELIVER If we are unable to deliver, your product s will be returned to our depot. We will leave a note explaining where your parcel is and how you can rearrange delivery.

If you are not at the delivery location at the time agreed, please contact us again to rearrange delivery for another mutually convenient day. If after 15 days from the date your order is available for delivery, the order could not be delivered for reasons not attributable to us, we shall assume that you wish to cancel the Contract and it will be terminated.

As a result of the termination of the Contract, we will return to you all payments received from you, including delivery charge except for any additional costs resulting from your choice of any delivery method other than the ordinary delivery method that we offer without any undue delay, and at any rate, within 14 days of the date on which this Contract has been terminated.

Please keep in mind that transport derived from the termination of the Contract may have an additional cost which we will be entitled to pass on to you.

RISK AND TITLE The Products will be at our risk until you receive the delivery unless you designates a different carrier than us. Ownership of the products will pass to you upon delivery i. PRICE AND PAYMENT The price of any products will be as stipulated on our site from time to time, except in cases of obvious error. While we try to ensure that all prices on the website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of products you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming the order at the correct price or cancelling it.

If we are unable to contact you, the order will be treated as cancelled and if you have already paid for the products you will receive a full refund. We are under no obligation to provide the product s to you at the incorrect lower price even after we have sent you a Shipping Confirmation if the pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as incorrect price.

The prices on the website include VAT but exclude delivery costs, which will be added to the total amount due as set out in our Shopping Guide. Prices are liable to change at any time, but other than as set out above changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have already sent you an Order Confirmation.

Therefore, except as provided above price adjustments on previous orders are not permitted. Once you have finished shopping all the items you wish to purchase are added to your basket and your next step will be to go to the checkout process and make payment.

To do this, you must follow the steps of the purchase process, completing or verifying the information requested in each step. Furthermore, throughout the purchase process, before payment, you can modify the details of your order. You are provided with a detailed description of the purchase process in the Shopping Guide. Also, if you are a registered user, a record of all the orders placed by you is available in "My Account" area.

Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard and American Express. To minimise the possibility of unauthorised access, your credit card details will be encrypted. Once we receive your order, we will request a pre-authorization on your card to ensure there are sufficient funds available to complete the transaction.

No charge will be made to your credit card until your order has been dispatched for delivery. By clicking "Authorise Payment" you are confirming that the credit card is yours. Credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorisation by your card issuer but if your card issuer fails to authorise payment to us, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery and may not be able to form a Contract with you. INVOICE Invoice is issued and submitted to the client at latest along with the products delivered.

ZARA Russia / Россия — Официальный сайт

EXPRESS CHECKOUT The express checkout feature hereafter "Express Checkout" makes it easier for you to make purchases on this website as you do not have to enter shipping, billing and payment information for each purchase.

Express Checkout is available in the View Basket section. To use Express Checkout you will have to save your card information. You may do so when making a payment with any of the cards accepted by this website by clicking the "Save my card information" option. This will result in the following card information being saved: To save your card information and use Express Checkout, you will have to accept the applicable Privacy Policy and Conditions. By agreeing to use Express Checkout, you authorise that purchases paid though the tool be charged to the respective card linked to the tool.

Card usage shall be governed by the written terms between you and the card issuer in all cases. You may save card information in Express Checkout for as many cards as you like, to do so must make at least one payment with each of them. If you wish to save card information for more than one card, the card whose information was saved most recently will be considered your "Favourite Card", and will be charged for Express Checkout purchases by default.

However, you may change your Favourite Card in the My Account section of this webpage. To use Express Checkout, you only have to click on the "Express Checkout" button that appears in the Shopping Basket. A screen will immediately appear with the shipping, billing and payment information for your purchase.

The information available on this screen cannot be edited, so if there is incorrect information do not complete the purchase. To make purchases using different details please do not use the Express Checkout service. You may change your Favourite Card linked to Express Checkout in the My Account section of this webpage.

VALUE ADDED TAX Pursuant to the prevailing rules and regulations in force, all purchases done through the website are subject to the Value Added Tax VATexcept for eventual applicable exemptions, which shall be subject to confirmation by the recipient. Statutory right to cancel your purchase Right to cancel If you are contracting as a consumer, you have the right to cancel the Contract, within 14 days, without giving any reason except for Contracts for those products mentioned in clause You may return the purchased goods free of charge by UPS.

The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day on which you, or a third party nominated by you other than the carriertakes physical possession of the products, or in case of multiple products in one order delivered separately, after 14 days from the day on which you, or a third party nominated by you other than the carriertakes physical possession of the last product.

To exercise this cancellation right, you must notify us ZARA HOME of your decision to cancel the Contract with a written notice or via fixed data register to us that you wish to use cancellation right. You may notify us by sending us an email to info. You may use the model cancellation form as set out in the Annex to these Terms, although it is not obligatory.


To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of this cancellation right before the cancellation period has expired. In case of exercising the cancellation right, returns can be made to any ZARA HOME Store or via courier as per If you have any questions, you can contact us on the contact form on our website or by calling landlines or Mobile lines. Metropolitan call rate, based on each telephone service operator or sending an e-mail to the address info.

Reimbursement will be without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day we have received the notification regarding the use of cancellation right. Regardless of the selected return method chosen by the client, in case returns by courier are not made through the courier selected by ZARA HOME, additional costs which ZARA HOME will incur, shall not be considered within the amount that will be refunded to the client.

Effects of cancellation If you cancel the Contract, save as otherwise set out in Clause We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.

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